Charity Chukwu

charity-profile-2Name: Charity Chukwu

School: School Without Walls HS

Grade: 10

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius/Year of the Snake


I honestly have so many hobbies that it’s hard to name them all. My favorites are crocheting, drawing, watching anime, and reading about whatever I’m interested in at the moment. Some other things I like to do are play the viola, make cool breakfast meals, think about stories I might make into comics one day, and explore new things to do and places to go all in the city.

Personal Statement:

Why did I join Japanese Plus? So I don’t have to wait for my manga to be translated, obviously! My interest in Japanese culture began a while after I started watching anime. I had just discovered manga, and I was a huge bookworm (and still am), so I loved the thought of having anime I could read whenever I wanted; however, the younger me was soon disappointed that my speedy reading led to long waiting times between issues. I got over it, but ever since then I had always wanted to learn to read Japanese. The desire only grew as I got older and shifted toward a monumental interest in science. With another language at my fingertips, I’ll be able to read so much more! I’ve always wondered about what kind of research articles and scientific studies Japan has been doing.