Okayama University

By Rakiya Washington

On January 28 my Japanese program was able to receive a presentation about Okayama University and its Discovery Program. I learned about the extremely lenient tuition and room and board fees and how international students are already eligible for the scholarship provided by the Discovery program. I really enjoyed the university’s atmosphere and environment. I also appreciated how considerate they were with accepting students. The acceptance to the college is not strict at all and they keep your GPA out of their choosing process because they want to give everyone a fair chance. I just thought that was so caring and sympathetic, which is why I have decided that I would start to look at this college and other colleges in Japan. The presentation really pushed me to research about more of what’s available in my country, but also internationally.

Stouder-Sensei’s Visit

By Rakiya Washington

stouderWhile in the Japanese Plus Program, I have been informed by multiple presentations by various visitors. One of the most interesting visits was Stouder-Sensei’s visit. She was a foreign language teacher from Washington Latin who spoke of how she learned Japanese and the struggles she went through. Most importantly, she provided us with tips on how she overcame obstacles with learning Japanese and the determination she applied to her desire of learning Japanese.

She told us that since she was born in a place without much diversity, she was not exposed to other cultures, but when she learned about other cultures, she wanted to connect more by learning the language. When she traveled to Japan herself, she was able to adapt to the Japanese culture and way of thinking. For example, she explained how in Japan she was considered a “giant,” but in America she was average size. Her story just pushed me to be even more interested in Japan and it also made me desire traveling to Japan in order to experience the things she had. I really like Japan and its culture and I would love to be able to become semi-fluent in Japanese and immerse myself in the culture physically.